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Electrospinning nanofiber membrane reinforced PVA composite hydrogel with preferable mechanical performance for oil-water separation

cheng zhilin   

  1. yangzhou university
  • Received:2021-08-11 Revised:2021-09-05 Online:2022-03-30 Published:2022-03-30
  • Contact: cheng zhilin

Abstract: Nowadays hydrogels have been attracting the massive interest in oil-water separation due to their robust hydrophilicity and fantastic underwater oiliness features. However, the weak toughness and tensile strength shortcomings of hydrogels have thus inhibited their actual applicability. For this reason, we successfully fabricated the electrospun nanofiber membrane-reinforced PVA composite hydrogels. The PVA-PAN composite hydrogel has exhibited the excellent tensile strength and friction performance, separately enhancing 174.2% of the tensile strength, and reducing 20.7% of the friction coefficient and 58.7% of wear volume relative to the neat PVA hydrogel. Furthermore, the pull-out experiments indicated that the PAN nanofiber membrane exerted a stronger interface bonding effect with PVA hydrogel. The oil-water separation evaluation test showed that the separation efficiency reached up to 97.6% for treating the SA-100 lubricating oil/water system.