China Petroleum Processing & Petrochemical Technology ›› 2022, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (1): 129-134.

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Investigation of nitrite production pathway in integrated partial denitrification/anammox process via isotope labelling technique and the relevant microbial communities

Yan-Zhe LI1, Zhao Dongfeng3,Guo Yadong3, Zhao Chaocheng3,Liu Fang3, Liu Chunshuang4   

  • Received:2021-07-29 Revised:2021-08-31 Online:2022-03-30 Published:2022-03-30
  • Contact: Liu Chunshuang

Abstract: In this study, the nitrogen removal performance of PDA process was investigated by using UASB reactor. High TN removal efficiency (91.97%) was achieved at influent nitrogen loading rate of 0.64 kg/m3d. Anammox bacteria did execute the function of converting nitrate to nitrite in PDA system according to 15N isotope labeling experiments and the contribution was approximately 36.3%. Candidatus_Brocadia, Candidatus_Kuenenia and Thauera were functional strains for anammox and denitrification process, respectively. Thauera and Candidatus_Brocadia were more important for TN removal at high loading rates (0.64 kg/m3d). This result provides a theoretical and technical foundation for the application of denitrifying ammonium oxidation process.