China Petrol Proc & Petrochem Techn ›› 2011, Vol. 13 ›› Issue (4): 29-34.

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Study on industrial application of hydrogen sulfide removal by wet oxidation method withhigh gravity technology


  • Received:2011-04-11 Revised:2011-08-17 Online:2011-12-30 Published:2011-12-31

Abstract: The removal of hydrogen sulfide from gas plays an important role in reasonable utilization of resources and environmental protection. In this paper, the process of hydrogen sulfide removal by wet oxidation method in a rotating pacded bed was investigated on the scale of 10000Nm3/h gas. On the basis of studying the influence of the species and concentration of alkali source, volume ratio of liquid-gas, high gravity fgctor and hydrogen sulfide content in feed gas on desulfurization effect, the suitable technological conditions were obtained. The removal efficiency of hydrogen sulfide could reach 98.0% under this conditions. The continuous operation results showed that high gravity method has many merits which includes higher desulfurization and stability, lower volume ratio of liquid-gas, small volume, large elasticity of operation and energy saving.

Key words: Hydrogen sulfide, Desulfurization, Wet oxidation method, High gravity